“To eat, to love, to sing, to digest: four acts of the comical opera that is life.”—Gioacchino Rossini (Italian composer and food lover)



Perfect setting for unforgettable meals.

Hjpgi and welcome to controversialcook.com, the website of the restaurant universally known for making its customers fly over the moon and from there send them at the speed of light through a black hole in space into a higher dimension where their culinary perceptions and taste buds experiences are enhanced by a zillion times. In short, the place for lovers of real food for the body and for the mind with no frills and hype attached and where even angels come sometimes to dine and chat.

“Wow! It sounds great!” You reader may say. “This is exactly the place that I’ve been looking for donkey years, but controversial?”

Yes controversial, complaining, huffy, dissatisfied, disgruntled, displeased, contrarian, forever moaning and mumbling, at least when it comes to food and eating it.

But don’t be alarmed and flee just yet, because controversial cook is also nice, sweet, gentle and amazingly easy going in every aspect of life including food and… especially food!

Let’s’ say I, the controversial cook, have an attitude that wants to put things right, or as best as they can be adjusted to.

Why am I so grumpy when it comes to food then? You may ask…

Nostalgia of times past - old style kitchen with roasted chestnuts.

Nostalgia of times past – old style kitchen with roasted chestnuts.

Because I see so many wrong things in the food industry, in the food advertising industry, in restaurants, in cafes, in super-markets and food shops and in the widespread glossy culture of the celebrity chefs that gets on my nerves whenever somebody reminds me of it. To sum it up: controversial because how all these somewhat shady culinary entities gang up in order to condition and manipulate the minds, palate, eating habits and food perceptions of eaters, without caring two hoots about their health and pockets, the environment and those poor suffering animals that are part of the food production.

This is why after years of pent up annoyance caused by them, I decided to open this alternative food and cookery site serving controversial food for thought as tasty and mind nourishing as I can.

In my menu I will list all that I see wrong in the food industry and in the eating habits of our age and particularly in the treatment of food as well as what it does to the mind of the eaters, to their health, happiness and to the environment.

You will read things that you have never read or heard of; things that maybe never crossed your mind or maybe you knew but couldn’t express; or maybe you could express but didn’t dare to, things that the Machiavellian schemers, self appointed gurus and spin doctors of the food industry don’t want you to read, hear, see or reflect on.

Inganni nozze

Italian wedding feast scene by Angelo Inganni 1807-1880 – Brescia Italy

This said, however, as we live in a free world —at least free of speech and lifestyle choice in some lucky parts of it —if you don’t want to read them, if you are the sort of eater who doesn’t care what you shovel into your stomach, or what it’s done to the environment and animals in the name of gluttony, greed and uncompassionate business please go elsewhere because this is not the place for you.

But if you are a person like me who wants to see things in their face value, one who cares and is not influenced by all the hype, gloss, false promises, misinformation and masked up marketing deceptions that are daily splashed on the current food and cookery environment, then please be my guest, I will always be your trustful loyal friend.

Of course all the foods for thought that I will put in my menu are debatable because they represent only my viewpoints, which means that I will gladly accept your objections and criticisms if you have any. Whatever you will say I will accept humbly and I will even debate it with you as best of friends do, if I think that I should.

This said, controversial cook is not only about food and cookery but also about other subjects, such as: art science, health, philosophy, psychology, sport, humour, music, news and so on, because food, fun and good conversation go hand in hand with conviviality, sharing, sociability, laughter and smile. All these things will be served free of charge to you with the hope that they will delight your heart, eyes, palate and mind and help to make you a happier and healthier person.

Your trustable friend —Controversial Cook.

“Laughter is brightest where food is best” — Irish proverb—–snal isolata