“You can’t eat your cake and keep it, but you can always bake another cake eat the first and keep the second.” Controversial Cook 

 Cakes or Glasses?


bambina con cakeEach day in the media we read or hear contrasting news about the effects that certain foods have on those who eat them.

One day they tell us that a glass of wine or two each day are good for improving the circulation of the blood and boost longevity. Then the next day they say that wine should be avoided because of some blah blah blah.

Another day they tell us that chocolate is good for health because it improves one’s mood. While the next we are told that it should be avoided because of its high sugar content and blah blah blah.

For decades we have been told that eggs are loaded with cholesterol and should be eaten sparingly or even avoided if one has a high cholesterol in one’s body.

Then about a year ago we were told that scientists have found that the cholesterol in eggs is a good one therefore we shouldn’t worry about eating them because good cholesterol is beneficial to one’s health, besides the fact that eggs are nutritious and healthy food.

Cakes temptationPeanuts have always been considered one of the most allergenic foods for some people until just recently it was reported in newspapers, radio, TV and the web that scientists have found that feeding young children with peanuts or peanut butter can help them to build a immunity to the substances in peanuts that trigger peanut allergy.

Bread has always been the staple food of a large part of humanity and nobody has ever said a bad thing about it, on the contrary it has always been regarded as the king of foods, then all of a sudden it has been put under scrutiny and questioned about its health benefits because of its gluten content that is thought not to be good for one’s health.

As a rule I’ve learnt to take such news with a generous pinch of salt because I know that behind them there are lots of vested commercial interest that we often are not aware of.

Today, however the media  released a piece of news that immediately caught my eye because it had to do with eyesight as since among other things  I’m an illustrator, eyesight is very important to me I became very interested in it

What the piece of news said was that according to The Journal of Biological Chemistry eating cakes can help you to see more clearly.

“Cake,” said stated the piece of news, “could be the key to better vision. Scientists found that bicarbonate of soda used in cakes stimulates and enzyme that helps to regulate the light absorbed by photons in the eye.” 

Let’s be honest it’s a cracking good piece of news for cake addicts and people with poor vision who, if the findings are true, they can  have an excuse for eating as many cakes as they want.

As for me, though I like them very much nowadays I am not a great eater of cakes as I used to be but I do wear reading glasses and all considering I could do very well in getting rid of them by increasing my daily intake of cakes.

The problem is that if I start to gorge myself with cakes in order to have a lynx’s eyesight I will get very fat and with fatness and obesity I may acquire some unpleasant conditions associated with being overweight and obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, high pressure, gallbladder, osteoarthritis, liver problems and so on. It’s a difficult choice to make.

I mean, to have a perfect eyesight like the one that I had when I was younger is an appealing prospect and cakes are yummy to eat, but the side effects of an abundant cakes diet in order to get it leaves me a bit perplexed

So what should I do?


Tihere was no way to have an answer about my dilemma from the media because by far and large newspapers, TV, radio and books, or let’s say the media are great sources of information, the only problem with them is that they give you their opinions and pieces of information, but unlike people with which you interact face to face in your daily life they will not answer you questions if you want to know more or be given an advice on a matter.

As for the scientists that divulge their findings they are not easy to contact either, at least not for a little ordinary person like me.


Don’t you agree that I look more intellectual with glasses?

Therefore in order to find an answer I did what I always do in such cases, that is, I switched my brain in the common sense mode by simply slightly turning anti-clock wise my right ear, then sprinkled a good pinch of salt on the news and started pondering.

“Cakes,” I concluded after some deep reflection, “due to their bicarbonate of sodium may improve eyesight but I’ve seen and keep seeing a lot of fat and obese people addicted to cakes that wear glasses with lenses as thick as the bottoms of wine bottles.

As for wearing reading glasses after looking at myself in the mirror I noticed that they make me look sort of intellectual and cultured. In other words they seem to add a bit of distinguished sophistication to my looks.

Therefore I decided that the best solution is to keep eating cakes in moderation and keep my glasses on.

“Always question the validity of what you  read, hear and see.” controversial cook—–snal isolata

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