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“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it” – Lloyd Alexander (American author)



Food and literature

One of my activities is writing and illustrating books, including culinary ones.

Publishing them was made possible for me, as for many others authors, with the innovation of e-books that democratized publishing giving to writers the possibility of self- publishing their works.

Before the advent of e-books like many unpublished author for years I had tried to approach publishers and literary agents asking them if they wanted to look at my works with no success.

Eventually when I had given up all hopes of even been considered a friend of mine told me about e-books so I began publishing on the Amazon some of my works.

Cover design for the musical story of the Lioness Pastry Cook

Cover design for the musical story of the Lioness Pastry Cook

The first book that I published was: “The Cat That Became a Footballer” a constructive allegorical satire of the world of modern football and human society seen from the independent eyes and mind of a cat. The character was based on a real cat that I liked very much for his intelligence, sociability and sweet temperament.

The second was “The City of The Guardian Angels” , a modern fairytale whose theme was waste and recycling and also a work tinged with spirituality.

The third was: “The Lioness Pastry Cook —An African Dreamtale” , which is at the same time a rhymed musical story or long ballad and a novel.

This book that is my first of a large series of works on the subject of food and cookery was so much unlike anything that I’ve ever come across in my reading life that I was in two minds whether to publish it or not. In the end I did because it has important messages for the future of humanity and the world. -The Controversial Cook

Having so far published allegorical books that blend fantasy with philosophy and sociology, I’m now on my way to publish my first non fiction book. It will be a sociological work that explores all aspects of food, cooking and eating in the context of human society.

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” — Somerset Maugham (English writer)—–snal isolata


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